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Colorado Skating Club is one of the many skating clubs from across the United States which makes up United States Figure Skating Association. As your local figure skating partner and your link to USFSA we welcome your participation and look forward to providing you and your family a wonderful experience!

Colorado Skating Club has been supporting skating excellence since 1972. The club was founded by the late Peggy DeLio who not only had a passion for figure skating but was also the heart and soul of Showtime on Ice, a long standing Denver area ice show. CSC proudly recognizes internationally recognized skating champions Scott Hamilton, Dorothy Hamill, and Paul Wylie as its members. CSC continues to foster great skating talent as our skaters participate in local, regional and sectional competitions each year.

CSC was founded upon important principles which remain true today: character, integrity and sportsmanship. We support our skating community with enthusiasm, professionalism and a commitment to education. We encourage your participation, foster your skating passion/discipline and finally, champion your journey through the world of figure skating.

We look forward to seeing you around the rink!

Colorado Skating Club

Board Members 

Kitty DeLio-LaForte, Andy Bosman, Linda DelBiano, Helena Huckabee, Brent Hogan, Chris Kanive, Jill Guerrero, Jamie Lane-Youtsey, Megan Robinson, Paula Ashen, Sarah Peterson, Gerry Lane

Thank you to following individuals for their service leadership and commitment to Colorado Skating Club as club officers, committee chairs and team members:

President/MHFSA Representative  – Kitty DeLio-LaForte

Past President – Mike Maciolek

Vice President– Andy Bosman

Secretary/USFSA Sanctions – Linda DelBianco

TreasurerSarah Peterson

Cup of Colorado Competition Team – *Valerie Powell, *Mike Maciolek, Julie Morris, Kitty DeLio-LaForte

Safe Sport Committee*Brent Hogan, Chris Kanive

Membership Team*Jill Guerrero

Club Apparel TeamJamie Lane Youtsey

Club Ice Committee *Andrew Bosman, Kitty DeLio LaForte

Testing Team – Jessica Best, Paula Heidel, Kaylar Neuman, Cindy Arsenault

Annual Banquet Committee – Sally Smith, Ali Smith-Wegrzyn, Debbie Lane, Jamie Lane-Youtsey

Club Communications (Email News) – Ali Smith-Wegrzyn

Bulletin Boards – Jo Holt, Megan Robinson, Angela McDonald

Website – Carrie Ochitwa

Social Media – Jamie Lane-Youtsey (Instagram), Jessica Williams (FaceBook)

Grievance CommitteePaula Ashen, Kitty DeLio LaForte, Gerry Lane

Showtime on Ice Committee Representatives – Valerie Powell, Claudia Kanive, Paula Kroell

Professional AdvisorGerry Lane

Coach RepresentativeJamie Lane-Youtsey

* denotes committee chair, bolded names are Colorado Skating Club Board Members


Colorado Skating Club Junior Board

President – Kathryn LaForte

Vice President – Madison Powell

Secretary – Mia Powell

Junior Board Members – Samantha Guerrero, Madison Hansen, Hayden Heitmann, Carla Torres, Kimmy Huckabee, Chloe Simon

Advisors – Laura Doty Gaumond, Kristen Adamczyk-Lewis


USFSA Officials:

Paula Ashen, Linda K. DelBianco, Kitty DeLio-LaForte, Connie Hillebrecht, Sara Knight, Miki Ohata, Claudia Sipan


Honorary Club Members:

Dorothy Hamill, Scott Hamilton, Paul Wylie

Honorary Board Members:

Bill Barrett


In Loving Memory we remember the following honorary board members for their dedication, service and legacy:

Honorary Board Members:

Joe DeLio, Peggy DeLio, Doug Goss,

Honorary Club Members:

John Curry, Norma Sahlin


Colorado Skating Club By Laws

From CSC President

Dear CSC Families,

Greetings – I was elected as your President  for a one year term at the June CSC Board Meeting. First I want to thank Mike Maciolek for the past two years he has served as President.  Our Bylaws don’t allow for the same person to serve for more than two consecutive years as President.  Too bad because we would have elected him again!!  He has agreed to help me through this year.  Thank you Mike for your continued service to CSC!  Congratulations to Andy Bosman- Vice President, Sarah Peterson – Treasurer,  Linda DelBianco – Secretary and  ill Guerrero who is our new Membership Chair.

Membership renewal is under way as our year begins July 1, 2016. Welcome to CSC to all of the new families and skaters. To our returning families, welcome back and thank you for the time you have spent volunteering and supporting our skaters.  We are thrilled to have all of you.

Once again, we will be rolling out a membership process, called Membership Passport. This is a simplified process to help you along the path of joining/renewing your skating membership and guiding your journey through US Figure Skating. Just a reminder that our membership year runs from July 1 – June 30 of each year.  You must renew to participate in test sessions or competitions.  Please do not wait until the day before an event for which your membership needs to be active as it can take 3-4 days for processing.

As you fill out your membership forms, there is a place to note what type of volunteering you would like to do for CSC.  We have a variety of committees which could use volunteers, some are:  Cup of Colorado (lots of different jobs), CSC Website, Volunteer recruiting, Showtime on Ice, Club Ice, Test sessions just to name a few.  Volunteering is critical to make our club run smoothly for our skaters, we cannot do it without volunteers.

Over the past year we hosted 6 Club Ice Sessions Sept’15 – March’16 (open to all CSC Skaters free of charge), held our annual banquet in January 2016, participated in a the very successful Showtime on Ice (44th show) in April 2016, offered 6 test sessions Sept’15-Mar’6, and held Cup of Colorado in August 2015. Our Jr. Board participated the annual Alzheimer’s Walk in Sept. 2015 by raising funds jointly with Denver Figure Skating Club’s Jr. Board. They also held a couple of Socials this year and worked on some very fun events during Club Ice.  We can accomplish great things for our skaters/professionals/families with the leadership of the CSC Board and the support of our stellar volunteers. Many thanks!

Communication is key and important to our success. Please read our constant stream of news through our email blasts send by our fabulous web master Carrie Ochitwa.  If you have CSC News to be posted please send to Carrie and me at the club e-mail address:  thecoloradoskatingclub@gmail.com. You can also catch the latest news on our website and bulletin boards. They are updated frequently!

See you around the rink!
Kitty DeLio-LaForte, CSC President


The skating professionals in Colorado Skating Club have received some of the highest honors in the sport of figure skating – gold medalists, national/world competitors and many educational credentials from PSA and other related organizations. We are proud to call these fine professionals members of Colorado Skating Club!

For specific information on a given coach, please visit “Our Coaches” (sidebar at right)

our coaches

  • Debbie Lane
    Debbie Lane phone 303/470-8391 email debbie.lane82@gmail.com rate $82/hour, $75/hour for LTS ◆ Teaching experience since 1976 ◆...
  • Gerry Lane
    Gerry Lane phone 303/798-7881, ext. 304 (work) 303/470-8391 (home) email GerryL@sspr.org rate $82/hr; $75/hr for LTS ◆...
  • Diane Miller
    Diane Miller phone 602/791-1474 email diane@GrandMayan.net rate $105/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 1974 ◆ PSA...
  • Julie Morris-McKenny
    Julie Morris-McKenny phone 720/201-1391 email jmorrismckenny@me.com rate $81/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 1988 ◆ PSA Master...
  • Jamie Lane-Youtsey
    Jamie Lane-Youtsey phone 303/880-2498 email J7lane@yahoo.com rate $66/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 2007 ◆ PSA Certified Rating...
  • Ali Smith-Wegrzyn
    Ali Smith-Wegrzyn phone 303/241-8819 email aosmith11@hotmail.com rate $66/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 2007 ◆ PSA Registered Rating...
  • Jody Sigman
    Jody Sigman phone 303/908-2583 email jody@sigmandenver.com rate $60/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 1984 ◆ PSA Master Rating...
  • Jessica Williams, MA
    Jessica Williams phone 210/865-3881 email figureskate24_7@sbcglobal.net rate $66/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 2005 ◆...
  • Justin Gaumond
    Justin Gaumond phone 720-203-3097 email  jgaumond@gmail.com rate $60/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 2005 ◆ Principal Pair...
  • Laura Doty Gaumond
    Laura Doty Gaumond phone 720-266-1235 email lgdoty@mac.com rate $60/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 2005 ◆ Principal...
  • Tony Dicus
    Tony Dicus phone 404-316-3139 email tonydicus@hotmail.com rate $70/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 1995 ◆ PSA and USFS...
  • Sacha Lalonde
    Sacha Lalonde phone 202/270-3830 email mailto:sachalalonde@gmail.com rate  $60/hour (Learn to Skate) $70/hour (Pre-Preliminary and above) ◆...
  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith phone 303/241-8817 email sssstyle@outlook.com rate $60/hour ◆ PSA member since 1993 ◆ Presenter at PSA...
  • Kaylar Neumann
    Kaylar Neumann phone 218-205-0385 email kaylar.s.neumann@outlook.com rate $60/hour ◆ Teaching experience since 2010 ◆ Certified PSA Basic...
  • Kristen Adamczyk-Lewis
    Kristen Adamczyk-Lewis phone 719/238-7328 emailkristenlewis81@gmail.com rate $50/hour (Learn to Skate) $64/hour (Pre-Preliminary and above) ◆ PSA,...