2019 CSC Award Banquet Recipients & Pictures!

What a wonderful fun filled evening we shared as a club at this years Annual Awards Banquet!  Congratulations to the following award recipients for their accomplishments in the 2018 competition season. 

Test Awards

ISI Tots 3Sandra Figaro

ISI AlphaHannah Brown

ISI Freestyle 1Leilani Holtz

ISI Freestyle 2Jatin Potnuri

Pre Preliminary Free Skate – Celia Ferrelli, Kacie Miranda, Ayla Zuick

Preliminary Moves in the Field – Zachary Keane

Preliminary Free Skate – Taylor Bezoza, Haarika Donepudi, Taylor Hamar, Morgan Knuesel, Marly Lemoine, Jessica Schulte

Pre Juvenile Moves in the Field – Mayday Kumar

Pre Juvenile Free Skate – Autumn Hall, Thanh-Nhan Pham

Pre Bronze Dance – Riley Kanive

Juvenile Free Skate – Cara Aymong

Intermediate Moves in the Field – Jolena Grohne, Hayden Heitmann, Claire Kroell, Marina McDonald

Intermediate Free Skate – Samantha Guerrero, Nidhi Patil

Pre Silver Dance – Claudia Sipan

Novice Moves in the FieldEthan Le, Emily Mayerhofer, Madison Powell, Vicki Shen, Shirley Xu

Novice Free Skate – Anapaula Floyd, Kimmy Huckabee, Maria Koneva, Hailey Robinson

Junior Moves in the Field – Aubrey Benham

Pre-Gold Dance – Thomas Schwappach

Senior Moves in the Field – Paige Tack

Senior Free Skate – Gloria Lee, Mia Mayerhofer, Paige Tack

International Dance Test – Jessica Williams

Level Awards

Basic Skills 3-7 Years Old – Nicolas Grohne

Basic Skills 8 Years Old Plus – Leilana Holtz

Theatre On Ice Intermediate Team Most Valuable – Hayden Heitmann

Theatre On Ice Senior Team Most Valuable – Anapaula Floyd

Pre-Preliminary Ladies Test Track – Morgan Kneusel and Alexa Michalik

Pre-Preliminary Ladies Well Balanced – Marley Lemoine

Preliminary Ladies Well Balanced – Autumn Hall

Pre Bronze Solo Dance – Riley Kanive

Pre-Juvenile Ladies Test Track – Cara Aymong

Pre- Juvenile Ladies Well Balanced – Jolena Grohne

Juvenile Ladies Well Balanced – Claire Kroell

Intermediate Ladies Test Track – Sam Guerrero

Intermediate Ladies Well Balanced – Kimmy Huckabee

Intermediate Men – Ethan Le

Novice Ladies – Carla Torres

Junior Ladies –  Paige Tack

Senior Ladies – Gloria Lee

Collegiate Junior Men’s Silver Medalist – Thomas Schwappach

Club Awards

Past President Award – Kitty DeLio

Doug Goss Volunteer Award – Claudia Sipan

Garlene Braack Junior Volunteer AwardMia Mayerhofer

Most Improved AthleteNidhi Patil

Peggy DeLio Showtime On Ice AwardSamantha Guerrero

Senior Medals – Gloria Lee, Mia Mayerhofer, Paige Tack

DeLio Award for Work Ethic and Excellence – Ethan Le

Joseph P. DeLio Scholarship for Education – Ice Theatre of the Rockies

Joseph P. DeLio Scholarship for Skating Award – Chloe Maciolek

Scott Hamilton Award for Excellence in Skating Pre- Preliminary through Juvenile Levels- Jolena Grohne

Scott Hamilton Award for Excellence in Skating Intermediate through Senior Levels – Ethan Le