Honorary CSC Member Recipient






Debbie Lane was nominated and given Honorary Colorado Skating Club Member by the CSC BOD.  This is to honor Debbie’s participation in the 1970 World Championships and the fact she has been a long time member of CSC who has given countless hours of volunteer time.


Debbie Lane pictured with partner Brad Hislop at the 1970 Nationals

US Team at Worlds 1970

Thank you Kitty and the CSC board of directors for this wonderful recognition. It has been my pleasure to be part of this club for the last twenty eight years.  Twenty eight years ago Joe DeLio asked our family to become members of the Colorado Skating Club. Who could say no to such a wonderful man that cared so much for the sport of Figure Skating. The fact that I will be counted in a category with such notable skating people is a true honor!

-Debbie Lane