IJS Protocol for Test Credit Information

Beginning with any nonqualifying competition held after November 1, 2017, athletes may earn credit for a test by achieving a minimum score in a competition using the International Judging System (IJS) for juvenile through senior pairsfree dance and and free skate tests, the adult gold free skate test. Click on the links for the minimum scores.

Test chairs will be will be able to enter the result through the Members Only site, similar to how test results are entered now, by selecting a new option called “Enter IJS Scores” within the Testing tab that test chairs see.

Click here for a document that explains how each group uses this new testing option (athletes/parents, competition chairs, test chairs and coaches).

Click here for more information about the entire Test Refresh project.

As a reminder, changes to the content of the singles free skate tests, which allow athletes more flexibility in elements selected, also take effect November 1, 2017.  There will be new test sheets posted on Members Only.