Cup of Colorado

Cup of Colorado is an annual summer competition hosted by Colorado Skating Club. It is the biggest annual event of the CSC season! Dates for Cup of Colorado are August 17-19, 2018

Competition News…


Will you be testing for Dance at Cup of Colorado? CLICK HERE to go to our specific page set up for dance tests only on August 17, 2018.

Getting your hair styled for competition is easy with Braider Deb! Her number is 785 766 3469 if you would like to text her or CLICK HERE to make an appointment online. Please reach out to her to schedule appointments in advance!

Reaching out to CSC members to volunteer for our big event! We are happy to help you find the right place to volunteer. We especially encourage high schoolers to help out – get those graduation service hours done with us this summer! Click here for SIGN UP GENIUS 

Volunteer Training is Thursday, August 16 – 7pm – South Suburban Ice Arena. Please mark the date on your calendar. We are going to need everyone to be there that can make it to ensure our competition runs smoothly and is a success!

From our CSC President:

Dear Colorado Skating Club Members,

I have some exciting news to share regarding this year’s Cup of Colorado.

Our final registration numbers are in and they are, to say the least, enormous!

We will have a total of 272 skaters (a year over year increase of 60%) competing in 518 “starts” (a year over year increase of 160%).

This is a great revenue draw for the the Club and will; simultaneously, be an amazing opportunity for our skaters to showcase their talents against a lot of competition.

Naturally, with this jump in participation, we will need a considerable amount of volunteers to help. Please use the link below and sign up for a slot or two that you would like to assist with. Having the right amount of volunteers can make a huge difference in the overall efficiency and success of an event that has grown to the size that Cup of Colorado has.

All of us on the board are looking forward to seeing the Colorado Skating Club have success on and off the ice this year at Cup of Colorado. Thank you all so much for the continued support and volunteer time you set aside for our club.


Chris Kanive
Colorado Skating Club – President