USFS testing at South Suburban Sports Complex occurs about monthly. Please follow the schedule/application deadlines and all instructions carefully. If you have any questions about testing please contact your skater’s coach, your skating club’s test chair or Director of Skating at SSSC/FSC – Gerry Lane.

Register for DCFSC Test Session:

Saturday, July 23, 2021 Test Session registration is now open.  Register — Click Here

*Important Note: the June test session will be at the Family Sport Center.*

Questions please email DCFSC Test Chairs Stacy Trombley & Susan Kim at DCFSCtestchair@gmail.com


2021 Test Dates:

JUNE 19, 2021 *Held at Family Sports Center

JULY 23, 2021

AUGUST 20, 2021

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 *held at Family Sports Center

NOVEMBER 5, 2021

DECEMBER 10, 2021



DCFSC test chairs:           Stacy Trombley & Susan Kim



Please be at the rink a minimum of forty-five minutes before your scheduled test time and be prepared to test at any time. Cancelled tests can cause the test session to run ahead of schedule. Not being ready for your test when called upon or an inconvenient test time are not grounds for a refund.

The test chair reserves the right to cancel tests due to lack of appropriate judges.

If a skater does not pass a Moves in the Field Test and is scheduled to test the same level for Freestyle at the same session, the freestyle test fee will not be refunded.