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Whenever you bring a child to the sport there comes a responsibility to help support the sport by giving of your time and talents at least while your skater is still skating.

The USFS is made up of skating clubs from across the United States. These clubs, including Colorado Skating Club, meet together each May to elect officers and board members and to vote on the rules and regulations of our sport. All the people who serve as officers, officials and board/committee members are volunteers. All the people who serve as officers and club officials on the local level are volunteers as well. Other than the staff members at the USFSA, the whole association is completely dependent on people and parents who are willing to give of their time to make the sport great for future generations.

Listed here are the current and active CSC committees/committee chairs. Your participation and time is welcomed. Please click the committee chair name to contact them by email.

Annual Banquet –  Sally Smith Ali Smith Wegrzyn,  Debbie Lane, Jamie Lane Youtsey

Email Communication/Bulletin Board  – Jessica Williams, Paula Kroell 

Club ApparelJamie Lane-Youtsey

Club IceJessica Williams, Paula Kroell

CSC Annual CompetitionValerie Powell, Mike Maciolek

Ice ShowValerie Powell, Claudia Kanive, Jennifer Lemoine

Membership – Jill Guerrero

TestingMichelle McDonald, Karla Tack 


2014 Volunteer Policy CSC

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 Form is below 

Record Your Volunteer Hours JULY 1 2019 - JUNE 30 2020

Please use the form below to record any volunteer work completed by your family. Please submit a new entry each time a different volunteer service is performed. However if you are volunteering in the SAME capacity over a few days, you may submit one entry once the service is complete. Hours will be tracked and credited per family last name - so multiple immediate family members may work towards the ten hour goal per skater family.
  • Ten hours or more hours is the amount designated in the CSC Volunteer Agreement for volunteer service. Please list the last name for these hours to be credited. We understand that various members of each family will be working towards the skater family requirement.
  • Please list the name of the family member who performed the services.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 25.
  • Please list day/month format in which these hours were performed. It is understandable that dates of service occur over more than one day. Paragraph text box has been offered so that you may describe in paragraph form as needed. Remember to include dates in day/month format!
  • All entries will be submitted to the appropriate board/committee chair for verification. Once verified, hours will be tallied for each member family. Hours will be counted in accordance with the skating year - July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015.